Customizable motion graphic packages.

Customizable Motion Graphics Templates for Broadcast

customizable motion graphics for


Purchase customizable After Effects title packages designed specifically for television. Available as open After Effects files or Quicktime with alpha, all packages are licensed for global use and include an intro, wipe, baseline, bumper and end credits.

Customizable Motion Graphics Templates for Film

customizable motion graphics for


Spent most of your budget on production? As a filmmaker quality title graphics have a huge impact on the perception of your film. Make the right impression. Our film titles are global licensed, cost effective and will bring your production to life.

Customizable Motion Graphics Templates for Commercial

customizable motion graphics for


The client's budget may be tight, but it doesn't mean their commercial needs to look low budget. Save time and money by accessing professional 30" and 15" productions. Use as is or add your finishing touch. Available as open AE files or Quicktime alpha.


Animated backgrounds, graphical elements and effects.
Supplied as After Effects files without the need for external plugins!

Testimonial Prime TV - Sky Television

"I just want to shout 'check out Template Digital' (but not so loud our competitors hear!). This broadcast model is just brilliant. All our other graphics projects were allocated and we had an important All Blacks Steinlager Series looming.

We used Template Digital for the Steinlager Series…

…what normally took us 5 days we had completed in 2!. It delivered an effective creative solution at an extremely good price AND we met the deadline!"

Testimonial Prime TV - Sky Television

Jason Scott - Promotions Supervisor

50% Commission for Free
Testimonial Digital Pictures

"We used one of the Template Digital packages for a pitch with Cricket Australia. It's fantastic that there's a service like Template Digital to help with these types of smaller budget projects that also tend to have ridiculously short turnaround times. It's a much more cost effective option than putting our own designers on the job…

…it effectively freed up valuable resources and allowed us to present various options to the client in a short space of time. "

Testimonial Digital Pictures

Stuart Gosling - Head of Production

GEARS & PINIONS - Captivate your viewers in this enchanting world of gears, pinions and other mechanical parts that move in unison to work the machine that is this impressive template.

Template of the Week
Testimonial Beyond Productions PTY

"When our in-house graphics guy was called away for 3 weeks we were left in a real bind as we had to deliver a program the next week.

We downloaded a package from Template Digital… I dusted off my After Effects skills and turned around the intro to the entire series within a day! The projects layout and

labeling was efficient and intuitive and made utilizing it for our production very easy. It really was the perfect solution for a fast turn-around with no budget."

Testimonial Beyond Productions PTY

Michael Graham - Online Editor

Joining is FREE! You'll gain access to professional, fully customizable After Effects motion graphics packages AND automated storyboarding - saving you valuable time and money! Whether it's for your television, film or commercial production, buy the complete AE package or an individual template. It's your choice.

Welcome to Template Digital's pricing plans for AE projects. All packages have enhanced licensing which means they can be used in multimedia presentations, theatrical display and incorporated into film and video for television and/or internet broadcast for distribution and/or sale in the home video market. This is without regard to the size of manufacturing, duplication run or intended audience.

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Template Digital is a community driven motion graphics marketplace which allows buying and selling of royalty free stock motion graphics for production, film, and television network professionals. Our premium motion graphics are supplied as broadcast-quality full ident packages or as individual files, and are both 100% customizable and 100% vector based - meaning they can be re-used for creating a variety of projects, and a wide variety of media, including broadcast, film, video, and the Web. We also offer automated customizable storyboarding - allowing you to get approval for ident graphics before purchase. Simply Storyboard IT and Template Digital will automatically create a customizable storyboard of your selected motion graphics template - everything you need for unique idents for your project. Because we use vector graphics and sell After Effects files without pre-rendered video, we offer some of the smallest template files in the market - meaning fast downloads and ease of use.

For professional post-production producers, we offer a unique, unified marketplace for your designs and your creativity - a new way to reach hundreds, if not thousands of potential motion graphics customers and get the idents that you create into video productions. You earn commission on the sale price of your After Effects motion graphics, and our referral program means that you can earn even more. And we will also be developing a community of post - production professionals and service purchasers - so even if you're not a pro at creating AE projects (yet!) Template Digital will become one of the best places to learn from the pros and to share your work for critique. Anyone is free to sign up for an account and begin trading or purchasing files. Join here.

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