Customizable motion graphic packages for broadcast, film and general production.

Become a Template Digital Contributor

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...4 to become a Template Digital contributor and start earning commission on every After Effects package or individual template sold. Just follow these 4 steps and you'll soon be on your way to making money:

  • Join Template Digital!
  • Read the Package Requirements and How to Upload instructions – This is vital information you need to know (and agree to) about uploading your customizable motion graphics template packages, including information about copyright. It also includes instructions on how to supply your project files to ensure your project is accepted, as Template Digital only accepts full project files usable as program idents or station idents.
  • Apply to be an Approved Contributor – Simply complete the Contributor application, indicate which type of contributor you would like to be (exclusive, non-exclusive or an assisted contributor**), submit an AE motion graphics template package as per Package Requirements and if you're successful, we'll notify you via email!

    ** Assisted Contributors need only supply an Intro template and Template Digital will create the remaining templates based on the original Intro's design.

  • Start Uploading Your Content – Once you're approved you can start uploading all your customizable motion graphics ident template packages!


It pays to refer Template Digital to others. If you refer a buyer to Template Digital, you'll receive 5% of their Net Purchase (minus licensing fees). And, if you refer a contributor to Template Digital, you'll receive 2% of their Net Sales (minus licensing fees).

Getting Paid

Template Digital Contributors are paid 50% or 65% commission on the net sale (based on their chosen contributor option). Additional information can be found on our FAQs page and in our Terms and Conditions.

Template Digital offers two contributor payment options:

  1. Earnings over $40 are paid out to a PayPal account. Payments are processed at the end of each calendar month and paid to contributors on the 20th of the following month.
  2. If your earnings are less than $40, you can accumulate your earnings for a payout next pay cycle, or you can use your earnings to purchase credits on Template Digital for purchasing motion graphics templates.
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Template Digital is a community driven motion graphics marketplace which allows buying and selling of royalty free stock motion graphics for production, film, and television network professionals. Our premium motion graphics are supplied as broadcast-quality full ident packages or as individual files, and are both 100% customizable and 100% vector based - meaning they can be re-used for creating a variety of projects, and a wide variety of media, including broadcast, film, video, and the Web. We also offer automated customizable storyboarding - allowing you to get approval for ident graphics before purchase. Simply Storyboard IT and Template Digital will automatically create a customizable storyboard of your selected motion graphics template - everything you need for unique idents for your project. Because we use vector graphics and sell After Effects files without pre-rendered video, we offer some of the smallest template files in the market - meaning fast downloads and ease of use.

For professional post-production producers, we offer a unique, unified marketplace for your designs and your creativity - a new way to reach hundreds, if not thousands of potential motion graphics customers and get the idents that you create into video productions. You earn commission on the sale price of your After Effects motion graphics, and our referral program means that you can earn even more. And we will also be developing a community of post - production professionals and service purchasers - so even if you're not a pro at creating AE projects (yet!) Template Digital will become one of the best places to learn from the pros and to share your work for critique. Anyone is free to sign up for an account and begin trading or purchasing files. Join here.

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